Visiting Dunga Beach

something about Dunga Beach



This is an overnight trip. Doing 80-100kph, if you leave Nairobi at noon by sunset you should be there comfortably having passed through Nakuru, kericho, 


then onto Kisum ‘dalo’
There are a number of hotels to cater for all categories within or around the town centre.
Next morning head south of the town past Swara game reserve onto a murram road that brings you to a gate at Dunga beach. If you’re early you will be Lucky to find the fish market going on, if not the locals have formed an association that can both provide a fun relaxing (and educative) boat tour or a tour of the beach where you learn about some of the 300+fish types of Lake victoria


As for the experimentative types borrow/hire a local fishing line


and bait a ‘small’ fish at the shore line which can be dip fried for you on the spot.

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Helping girls and Young women

The single most important challenge facing Kenya today is breaking the grip of poverty. The social situation is characterized by growing number of HIV/AIDS orphans, unemployment, child labour and  violence. Girls and women of all ages still have a very limited say over their lives and in particular over their sexuality.

The main problems faced by women and girls are:

  • The expense of commercial sanitary pads;
  • absenteeism where girls stay at home rather than attending school when menstruating;
  • unhygienic ways to dry menstrual materials;
  • inadequate waste disposal facilities;
  • lack of privacy for changing menstrual materials;
  • leakage from poor-quality protection materials;
  • the lack of resources for washing such as soap;
  • limited education about the facts of menstruation;
  • limited access to counselling and guidance;
  • fear caused by cultural myths;
  • embarrassment and low self esteem;
  • and  the unsupportive attitudes of some men.

This blog aims at connecting Dunga Beach to potential customers to savour the beauty of lake victoria, culture and environment